Arch. Marin Keremidski Architectural Studio Keremidski Born on: 27.03.1973 in Sofia Graduated the University of Architecture, Building and Geodesy, Sofia Subject: Architecture, Specialization: Public buildings, Masters degree Member of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria and the Union of Architects in Bulgaria Arch. Keremidski started his practice in 2002 and since then he has designed over 30 public and residential buildings and has been awarded in different competitions, such as the prestigious “Architectural idea” 2007 when he won the grand prix, 1st place in category “Hotels”, 2nd place in category “Public buildings”, 2nd place in Orkikem competition, 2nd place in category “Residential buildings” and others. Today Architectural Studio Keremidski Ltd. operates successfully and develops its progressive ideas in residential, commercial and other buildings. Arch. Keremidski aims to design harmonious, plastic and monumental buildings making the most of natural materials and applying individual approach to every development, concept, or piece of furniture and always taking into consideration scale, alternation, and overall concept. Another important issue is the research of the future development of buildings – their relation to the changing environment as well as the appropriately designed building and well-chosen building materials. With the time, the building might become even more bound to the terrain and subsequently more influential. “Nature shapes landscapes and environments, it creates, it influences life… Man, through the art of architecture, is given the chance to do something similar – to define space, to give aesthetic pleasure…to influence life.With his “interference” or “non-interference” an architect has the rare opportunity to directly influence life, because of which he is obliged to be exceptionally attentive, responsible and always applying a unique approach to each of his projects with no exceptions in full consciousness of the fact that his current work may remain for after generations.” “Architectural shape varies as occasion requires – it can be an explosion or it can be stillness, but in any case it has a spirit of its own.” “The basis of every building is the sketch, the work of the hand and the head; computers should be included when finalizing the idea.”