We are architectural company Shanghai Keremidski Architects Ltd. Headquartered in Shanghai. Our company design: public, residential, commercial, office, recreational, industrial, and other buildings. We are known in China for our innovative and unique designs, the employment of “green architecture”, and the full services we provide from preliminary assessment, the preparation of the research, preliminary design /conceptual design/, the construction design, the design of the interior, and supervision of the execution of the project. We look at the buildings that we design as “well functioning machines” for the users and at the same time as works of art which attract people. By doing this all of our projects from the largest to the smallest ones become landmarks sought by clients. Our goal is the creation of beautiful, functional, comfortable, and unique space for the end user with streamlined and efficient ideas, developed over a long time thanks to our research. We do not create just building, but a way of life for the end user with shapes, technology, and ideas patented by us. We saw your portfolio and we are interested in working together on projects in China.