Lanzhou Municipality
“Green City” Master Plan
Concept design
3 467 525 sq.m.
Lanzhou, China


For a better life …

The Solution

The project is located in Lanzhou city and represents a General plan for mixed-function zone with gross area of 3.5 million square meters. The maximum height of the buildings is 300 meters. The project includes public, residential and other zones and provides office buildings, shopping centers, library, museum, residential complexes and more. The plot is located opposite the new Train Station of the city.Lanzhou is the city with the dirtiest air in China and the problem for its inhabitants is very serious. In this regard, this project uses several measures to improve the air quality in the area, such as:
-The silhouette of the project is calculated aerodynamically and the mainstream winds are taken into account so the air can move like a stream over and along the silhouette. That’s how the overall geometry of the project will be as a curtain to prevent from air pollution.
-All buildings have green roofs, which act as a filter for dirty particles. The greenery will be irrigated by an automatic system and the water will absorb the dirt particles. It has been proved that when raining in China, the air is cleaner.
-All facades laying on the four silhouettes will be planted as a filter for dirt particles.
-In some buildings fans will be placed for pushing the air pollution out of the zones.
-In the peripheral areas of the project there will be artificial trees to suck out the polluted air, to purify it and bring clean air into the area.
– We plan to place “clean air capsules” evenly in the zone of the project where people can go for a breath of fresh air in the peak times of air pollution. The bus stops within the project will also be that kind of structure – “clean air capsule.”
All these measures will be managed by a common automatic control system, which will turn on all or part of the systems depending on indicators for air pollution. The aim of this project is for harmonious, clean and comfortable urban environment in conditions of extreme polluted city. Many of the buildings will be powered by renewable energy sources as part of the buildings will have surplus of energy producing.

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