Multifunctional complex Changsha

Concept design
Changsha, China
87278 sq.m


“А modern look at the forbidden city”

The Solution

The goal of our design solution is to create a complex of a new kind, a complex where every person from Changsha wants to live, create, shop, relax, dream and feel inspired.
The project has the potential to become a landmark in the city of Changsha and to be the most desirable place for a new type of lifestyle. A magical environment where you can own a piece of a modern interpretation, of the historic palace complexes of the Forbidden City. Every iconic building should be legendary, carrying many coded ideas from the past, present and future, intertwined to create something special that every person wants to visit and own. This project is a special place where people can have fun, live, walk to feel inspired. And what greater historical inspiration than a “city within a city” – the Forbidden City in Beijing and the artistry of world – famous fine Chinese porcelain. The base of the building, as well as the villas on the second and intermediate levels, are a contemporary interpretation and a modern take on the style of the buildings in the Forbidden City complex. All this is “wrapped” in white sculptural surfaces with blue windows, symbolizing the art of Chinese porcelain. And not only that, we go further – the sculptural white surfaces at the ends are a modern take on the ancient Chinese roof – the roof of the future. And in order for the magic of the project to be complete, we continue to put more inspirations into the DNA of the complex – seen from a bird’s eye view, the complex is in the shape of the symbol for infinity and number 8. And in the middle of the white sculptural surfaces, the layout of the villas peeks out like a Chinese dragon.
The very white sculptural surfaces in places can be used for interactive multimedia projections, by means of modern technologies. This is a direct reference to one of the oldest ways of communication – the paper, that was discovered in China. As well as a reference to the fact that the country is a world leader in modern technology, preserving its historical heritage. China is an old and strong culture precisely because of the eternal desire to look ahead and discover new horizons.
On the ground floor аre provided zones for entertainment and commerce – shops, restaurants, cafes, exhibition halls, outdoor cinema, stages and others. Individual houses for sale are planned on the following floors. Underground level is for parking zone, technical premises and warehouses.

Visualizations by Keremidski Architects. All rights reserved.