New life for the old containers

The Solution

Saipan Island is an attractive place for tourism. The project is a holiday complex that will be built from old shipping containers. The containers are arranged sequentially in a wavy shape and on 3 floors. The shape of the master plan is oriented to protect visitors from the prevailing winds. The containers will be painted in white and will be covered with a special coating that will reflect the light. 


To ensure an optimal microclimate, the containers will have thermal insulation, air conditioning, natural ventilation for each container through an opening in the walls, partially landscaped facades and roofs, and more.
The complex will have 725 hotel rooms, restaurants, shops, sports area and other features. In some areas of the façade we designed openings to help with the natural ventilation of the complex and to serve as entrance for the visitors.

Visualisations by Keremidski Architects. All rights reserved.