Zhengzhou Municipality
Zhengzhou Cultural Park
Concept design
Zhengzhou, China


To give a new life to an old building. Exhibition “in the nature”, flexibility and versatility

The Solution

The project is going to be the cultural center of Zhengzhou city, Henan province, China. The existing buildings will be reconstructed completely both inside and outside. The complex will include the following functional zones: multifunctional exhibition hall, conference hall, multimedia presentation hall, library, cafeteria, commercial zone /shops/, relax zone, administrative area and technical facilities, storage zone, square and areas for outdoor exhibitions. The multifunctional exhibition hall will be used for different types of exhibitions. For this purpose, it is designed in a way it can be modified /depending on the type of the exhibition/. The hall is designed of two main elements – wooden constructions, resembling a forest and white sculptural elements – between the “forest trees”. The wooden structures can be moved depending on the exhibition. The white sculptural elements are two types. The first one is designed to be the base for installing the exhibition boards. The other type is a multipurpose “hall in the hall”, where local exhibitions, conferences, and other events and presentations are going to take place.


The design of the square in front of the building is in the same style like the interior of the building. Here the “trees” /same design like inside/ are used for street lighting. The facade will be reconstructed completely, while retaining the basic geometry of the central volume. There is also partial “wrapping” of some spaces with white sculptural surfaces using the same style material like in the interior part /the material is “Corian” by “Dupont”/, thus creating a harmony between the interior and the exterior. Some of the buildings are completely “wrapped” with dark metal, while the facades of others will be filled with architectural concrete. Some parts of the facade will be landscaped with a system of green walls.

Visualisations by Keremidski Architects. All rights reserved.