“Bezisten” of the time…


The Solution

“Bezistena” is perhaps the most characteristic monument of Yambol city. It was built in 1509 modeled on similar Ottoman buildings in the European part of the empire. The hall haveunique acoustics and can be used for various cultural events such as concerts performances and more. Now “Bezisten” have a commercial function. The central space is divided into cells shops with aluminum frames that completely depersonalize inner space volume of the room and architectural value of the object. The interior of both levels is in very poor condition, as in the basement in critical condition. The new function of the monument is “Cultural and Information Centre.” “Bezistena” is “experienced” different ages and continues to live in our time / though in poor health /. This should be highlighted and is one of the leitmotifs in the renovation of the monument. For this reason, the new design functionally distinguished 3 main zones in the building: Past, Present and Future. In this way “Bezisten ” would become “Bezisten” of the time.

Visualisations by Keremidski Architects. All rights reserved.