Jackie Chan
Jiangmen Movie Park
Approved design
Jiangmen, China
38 068 sq.m.


The aim of the project is to achieve complete harmony between buildings and nature. The buildings in this project will not be noticeable, they will be just a part of the nature…

The Solution

The project is a general design of a bookstores chain. The concept creates a sculptural space with a compositional center curved spiral staircase, and built-in bookshelves along the periphery. A tiered podium is provided as a place for visitors to sit and read books. It is strongly accentuated on utility, functionality, privacy and light, in the conditions of a plastic architectural environment.


The Movie studio and office will be used by the movie star Jackie Chan. He will use the studio to for filming purposes and the office part will be used for their team’s own needs. The roof of this building will be partially landscaped and from a bird’s eye view the building will represent the initials of Jackie Chan: JC. The hotel will reflect the shapes of the mountains and will be with a fully landscaped roof. The front facade will be constructed out of mirrored glass that would reflect the nature surrounding the project. All buildings will be powered by renewable sources and will be built by a large percentage of recyclable, renewable and sustainable materials.


Visualisations by Keremidski Architects. All rights reserved.