Private person
“Infinity” Shopping center
Approved design
Shanghai, China
4650 sq.m.


Playing with the light … 


The Solution

The project is located in Shanghai, China, and is a commercial center. The low-rise building will contain shops, restaurants and a bank, while the tall body will be provide offices. Between them we designed a garden courtyard and relaxation areas. The aim is to build a shopping center with a feeling of nature and the city at the same time. The soft flowing forms and the garden will create a sense of the nature. The light show on the facades creates a feeling of a modern city. Our main goal is to achieve a symbiosis and connection between them. The facade will be made by material called DuPont “Corian“ and will have an interactive features. “Corian“ is a material with an option to be translucent. In reality the facade will be white, but due to the material’s little transparency feature and by using backlights will help to achieve the effect of colors change on the surface. By using a software, the building will manage the choices of colors that are endless. In this way, controlling the colors of the light, we can create a different feeling for the visitors of the gallery depending on the occasion or event. The façade ends of the building will be extended optically by light and by that we will create the optical illusion of an infinite building. The office part is a solid volume that is surrounded by these horizontal shapes.

Visualizations by Keremidski Architects. All rights reserved.