Private person
“Infinity” Shopping center
Approved design
Shanghai, China
4650 sq.m.


Playing with the light … Infinity, change of the face…


The Solution

The project is located in Shanghai, China, and is a shopping center . In the low body shops, restaurants and bank will take place. The high body will be used for offices. Between them there is a garden patio and relaxation areas. The aim is to build a shopping center with a feeling of nature and city simultaneously. The soft fluid shapes and garden create a sense of nature. And the light show on the facades creates a sense of a modern city. The aim is to reach a symbiosis and connection between city and nature. The facade will be made by material named “Corian“ by Dupont Company and will have an interactive features. “Corian“ is a material with an option to be translucent. In reality the surface of the facades will be white but due to its little transparency and using backlight, the light will change the color of the surface. Software will manage the colors and the choices are endless. In this way we can create a different feel for people depending on the color of the light. The light of the surfaces can be changed and also the light between them. The ends of the building will be extended optical by light. That’s how we will create an optical illusion of infinity building. The оffice part represents displaced solid white ellipses and between them is the glazing of the building. The ellipses provide shade in the premises.

Visualizations by Keremidski Architects. All rights reserved.